Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Challenge // Round 4

It is now time for Round 3 of the Photo Challenge! The contestants and I would like to thank every one of the 38 voters in the poll. The poll ended last night, and the contestant voted off was Sierra.

Word from Marcelle ~ Sierra, ma cherie!!! You did quite superb in my photo challenge! :) I think your photo is such an adorable one! You have a lovely horse. <3 I hope you will come back and enter in more photography challenges that I may host in the near future! Merci, darling. :)

The Poll Results
Abigail Grace - 13
Katherine - 12
Sierra - 9

With that are your TWO FINALISTS!!!!!!!

Abigail Grace


Well, my challenge is almost finished, dear friends! You have until Friday night to vote for one of our two finalists! I am giving you a little time here on Thursday night, so some of you have already taken advantage of this time - GREAT!!! Katherine and Abigail Grace need as much support as they can get! Whether or not they win this photo challenge depends on YOUR help!

The winner...of the Miss Paris Chic Photo Challenge...will be posted...sometime...on Saturday. :)

Goodnight loves.
Marcelle Renee


  1. Replies
    1. Me neither!! I am already trying to plan another photo challenge! hahaha XD

  2. Not sure how to vote but I vote for Abigail!!!

  3. The first pic of the dog is ADORABLE! Please check my blog THANKS!

    - Emily

  4. I was super happy to make it this far :) And I sure will! I can't wait until you have another Photo Challenge Marcelle! ~hugs~
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Because You Are!) Philippians 4:8

  5. This is a really cool idea! i hope you do another one!