Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calling All Guestbloggers!!!

Today, I am calling all guestbloggers (or guestposters as some people say)!!! If you would like to guestblog on my blog through this week (or maybe even next week if so many girls want to do it!), email me (marcelle.renee14[at]gmail[dot]com) and let me know so that I can schedule you a date!

Reason for calling guestbloggers? Just cause. :) It will give me a little blogging break, and you'll get an awesome blog to guestblog on! ;) hehe. During my little break, I'll have time to practice my instruments, exercise, spend some extra time on physical therapy workouts, practice walking / balancing, and just have some summer fun at the little shoppes, and around the eiffel tower!

Don't know what to guestblog about? I am not very strict, so pretty much anything! Just please don't use curse words, as I, myself do not use them. Ideas could be DIY's, recipes, fashion, your everyday life, your photography...you could even do a vlog! That would be my favorite. :D If you want to do a vlog, just do it! It does not matter whether my other guestbloggers are (or are not) doing it! Vlogs are a quick and easy way to do a "post" because, instead of writing out a post, you're just talking it! :) But whatever you decide to do, email me and let me know!

What you have to do:
-email me saying that you are willing to guestblog
-let me know (through email) what you are planning to guestblog about
-wait for my approval

What I will do:
-approve of you and your idea for guestblogging
-add you as an author on Miss Paris Chic

So, that being said, would you like to guestblog on Miss Paris Chic?

Je t'aime!
Marcelle Renee


  1. I would LOVE to guest post for you!! ♥
    Email me a date and I will see if I can do it! :D

    I hope you have a wonderful break! Just make sure to take pictures and share them. ;)

  2. I would love to do a guest post 4 u!
    I'll e-mail you!

  3. Hey!! Marcelle, what day are you going to Esther?? Email erynn and let her know, so we can meet!!

  4. This is a little late, but I would love to do a guest post!