Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Une élégante chambre: {Part 2}

Sorry I did not get a chance to post this yesterday! I just got busy, you know? But I am posting Part 2 today, so I hope you enjoy! Maybe your favorite bedroom layout will change after seeing these élégance charmante photos! :)

I love the curtains that can slide across that medal bar along the top and close up!
And the lustre shining in the middle!   

This is just plain chic. <3 Love the colors and the fact that it's simple, and not too wild.

Have you noticed all of the lustres in the rooms?
I am guessing it's a French thing. :)

Even if I didn't get this style of room, I would want the "Paris" part at least. :)

The pillows and comforter are fabulous. <3 LOVE.

Beautiful!! Love the hot pink trunk.

Your turn! Do you have a favorite photo? Favorite style of room?

Have a delightful day darlings! I'll be at physical therapy. ;)

   ~ Love ~
marcelle renee

PS. Should I ever do giveaways?


  1. Beautiful rooms! Did i see a paris one? Haha :) Lovely!

    I always love giveaways :)

    1. Thank you ma cherie!<3 are you elisha's little sister or am I thinking of someone else...? :)

      Haha well maybe I will do one in a little while(;

  2. I Love the bedroom designs!!!

  3. Ooh, lovely colors - it seems you have a thing for pink. :) I hope you're having fun planning your new room, I hope you'll post photos!

    And I'd agree with Erynn - giveaways are quite fun, and I'm sure we'd all love it if you hosted one. :) Whatever you like!

    1. Thanks! haha I think it's pretty adorable. <3 well, maybe I shall host one soon! :)

  4. Fabulous rooms! :) Too bad accomplishing that look is harder than looking at the picture. *sigh*
    Thanks for following me, BTW! :) :) I am now following you. I love your blog, and the French you use. ;) I have always wanted to learn French. ;) I am part French, actually; my dad's ancestors were the French Huguenots. That is one reason I love yours (and your sister's) blogs. ;) So, you'll be hearing from me often! ;)


  5. Ahhh thank you dearest Mikailah! <3
    You are quite welcome! I'm glad you are loving the blogs of Julianna and I. :) I, of course, love your blog!
    That's so cool how you are part French! I don't mind hearing from you one single bit! :)
    Chat ya later! <3

  6. OMG, my standards for the ideal bedroom have just gone up like 10 times!!! Merci, Marcelle!!

    1. ahaha ikr?! :D awwh you're welcome ma cherie <3 thanks for following btw!

  7. You speak fluent french? :) I'd love to talk to you! I used to study french but I stopped, I had no one to converse with. The photos are beautiful!
    I love your blog and I'll follow, hope you can follow back too!

    1. Yes ma'am, I do! :) We should talk! I will definitely check out your blog and follow you! Thanks for following me! :)