Wednesday, May 9, 2012

If I was from Paris...

I still have not made up my mind about whether I am going to do a fashion challenge, or just fashion photos, poems, or just things in my everyday life. So as you continue to read my blog, you will be agréablement surpris at the things I shall post. ;) *wink wink* 

I hope you enjoy today's post! I'm going to be talking about this photo / outfit combination.

I thought this outfit was très élégant! The whole little set up has me sold!
I amour the way the designer of this set-up placed the eiffel tower in the background.
It provides serenity and calmness, not to mention beauty!
The colors of the outfit combination and the photo of the eiffel tower are somewhat matching, 
and that makes it look so parfaite, non?
I do not know if the designer photoshopped the eiffel tower photo to make it match,
but it looks as real as you and me, in my opinion! :)
This outfit has earrings, shoes, a watch, clutch, makeup and a few more little accessories,
but I noticed one thing that this outfit is missing.
A necklace.
If you already have all the other jewelry, and décorations éblouissantes, then why not include a necklace?
Puzzling situation.
I would most definitely pick out a darling necklace to go with this chic outfit. 
Something along the vintage-y lines.

What do you think this outfit needs?
Would you wear this?

kiss, kiss,

PS. Did you find where I got my title? ;)
No worries...I'm really from Paris!


  1. haha I got the title. ;) and I sayyy post about what YOU want!!

  2. Marcelle! I love your post! <3 And the questions in bold are so creative! Did you get the idea from the blog: J's Everyday Fashion? ;) That's where I got it! And when you wrote that the outfit provided reminded me of my "sister" {notice the quotes} serenity! <3 ahaha. Your posts are so inspirational, and I love the French you include. I need to start doing that in my blog posts! ;) I am obsessed with Paris, France and everything involved!

    Sorry about the long comment. :P Hope you don't mind?!

    Feel free to comment on my blog posts anytime!


    1. hahaha wow Lindsey!! that IS a long comment! but long comments are wonderful so I don't mind :) YES!!! J and her everyday fashion is the best blog ever! feel free to include as much french as you want!<3 You're such a darling :)

  3. Paris is amazing :) great blog & pretty photos! if you like, follow me and i'll follow you back xxx

    1. ahhh thank you my darling <3 thanks for following :) I followed you back!

  4. I thought you were from Paris! LOL
    I love the outfit! Very cute :)

    1. You didn't catch why I put that as the title? ;) I AM really from Paris! <3

  5. I love that outfit!
    Cute & Classy!

    xxo. Jazzie
    // //