Saturday, April 28, 2012

little women

This evening, Julianna and I had the wonderful privilege of going to see a CYT production of Little Women at Colonial.

We arrived a little after 7:00pm. The show was scheduled to begin sharply at 7:30 pm. I walked in using my crutches, but without my leg braces because, to be honest, I wanted to make a good first impression with Elisha and her friends/siblings. Bad mistake. My legs were super weak that night, and Julianna had to walk carefully beside me to make sure I didn't trip. My embarrassing story for the night? Ehh. Maybe later. ;) Anyways...

This super hot guy comes up to Julianna and he unintentionally pulls her away from me as we are about to walk up the stairs to some available seats. So there I am kind of struggling to get my legs up on the stairs and at the same time, hold my crutches and not fall down. I make it up like 2 stairs, and then I kind of trip over this other pretty hot dude in slow-mow. XD You can imagine the redness of my face. There I was practically leaned up against him, and then he helps me up the rest of the stairs to my seat, while asking if I was ok. I think he thought I had knee surgery. bahaha.

Finally, Julianna comes up and finds me. She is quite surprised that I made it up those stairs without her assistance. I tell her the embarrassing story and she laughs. I laugh too. Oh my. haha.

Show starts promptly at 7:30. We immediately get ingrossed in the story. At this time, my favorite character is Jo March. What a drama queen she was!

The first act ends after a while, and the house lights come up for intermission. I go out to the car with Julianna and we do stuff that takes about 5-10 minutes. Then we come back inside and get in line for the concessions. I ordered a kit-kat bar and some soda. YUM. We sat down to eat, but then got up to go put the letter for Elisha in the bathroom, so that incase we didn't get a chance to see her in person, she'd have a hand-held thing from me. :) We had discussed that creative plan over email. ;) teehee. So after we put the letter in the bathroom, we go back into the cafe to finish our food.

The whole time, I am searching the crowd for Elisha. I see many Elisha possiblities, but am too afraid to go up to them and ask if they're her. People stare at Julianna and I a lot. My guess is that we are either too dressed up...or they've never seen a girl with crutches before. C'mon now, we're from France! We enjoy dressing up and being chic and schnazzy! :) Oh! It was really cool for me because as Julianna and I are sitting and enjoying our candy, we see this cute little girl who uses a walker and has a difficulty walking. My first thought was, "Hey, I wonder if she has SB?!" And Julianna whispered, "Celli, that little girl looks a lot like you when she walks!" Great minds think alike. haha. =D I never found out if she had SB like me, but we made a hypothesis (educated guess). :)

On our way back in, Julianna walked by one of our Elisha possiblities. After we were seated, she told me that she was wearing denim leggings, and that's all she noticed. Yeah...Julianna isn't very observant. The second act begins, and I start to feel bummed because I didn't get to meet Elisha during intermission. =\ But I soon get all into the second act, and forget about it.

FINALLY, the production was over. My favorite parts were when Jo was with Laurie, and they were running around, and Jo tripped just as Meg walked in with her boyfriend. XD I could totally see myself in Jo's shoes at that moment. I just wish that Beth hadn't died, and I wish that Laurie could have been the husband of Jo instead of Amy. Laurie and Amy just didn't go together. At least in my opinion.

It took me a while to get back down the stairs, so by the time I got down, the cast had come out! I was all surprised because usually when I go to see a production, the cast stays hidden. But no, this cast came out and let people get autographs! So Julianna went around and got some autographs for me, while I sat down. My legs were worn out. We stayed for about 10 minutes getting autographs, and then we had to leave.

I didn't get to see Elisha.

But as we were driving home in the car, I thought, "Well at least she will have my letter, and we probably saw each other, but didn't know it was!"

I hope Elisha had as great a time as I did. She is such a sweet person. I am glad that she is my friend...even if we haven't met in person. <3


PS. If this post sounds like a bunch of rambling, please excuse me. It's 2:30 am and I am exhausted. :P


  1. Aw, wish you could have seen her!!
    Your story was very funny, and it wasn't ramblings :D
    BTW, I think Laurie doesn't go with Amy either.

  2. I saw your button up on your wall! I'm happy I could help!

  3. Yes!!! Thank you so much Katherine!! I didn't get a chance to email you back yet, but I did get the button up! Shall we do a button swap now? :)

  4. Thanks for following, I followed back.

  5. Wow, sounds like an interesting adventure! And hey, at least the guy you tripped over was hot, right? Silver lining, haha. ;)

    I'm so glad that you enjoyed the production, even if you didn't get to meet Elisha! :) And thanks for stopping by my blog - it's always nice to hear from a fellow homeschooler! :)


    1. hahaha yes and yes! ;D

      Thank you! It was truly a wonderful production. :) Oh, you're welcome! Any time!

      Je t'aime ma belle,

  6. Very cute blog! from the background to the content, from the font to the colors.
    Just followed you back! Hope we read eachother soon!:)

    1. THANKS!! :) You're a darling. <3 email me sometime! :)

      Je t'aime!


  7. im SO SO SO SORRY we didnt get to "meet"!!! :( come back next year for my play?! :P :/ waahh!! and actually.. that girl with the possible spina bifida?? I KNOW HER!!! she DOES have SB!! :P omg, I WAS that girl in the demin "leggings".. theyre actually jeans..

  8. MA CHERIEEEE!!! It's ok! :) Don't feel bad!! hahaha I shall definitely try! ;D
    Oh mon bien. SERIOUSLY?! awwwh!
    Were you really?! AHHH! I saw you! hahaha oh ok XD

    1. aawhhhhh YOU SAW ME!??!? :( I DIDNT SEE YOU!! SEND A PIC OF YOU?? YOUR FACE? :P so I can try & remember if I saw you!?!? :P

      and comeeee!!!!! next yearr!!!!!

    2. haha you're quite excited ;) I did send a pic of me...MY FACE! ;D