Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a girls night out

Good day, my sweets! I am going to post photos that me, Julianna, and our friend took while we were doing our regular botique admiring. But I shall begin this post starting from the beginning of our day.

On Saturday morning, Julianna still had to go to work (yes, she has a job!), but she did not have to work as long as she does during the week days. So we thought that it would be fun to look around at some of the shoppes afterwards! Julianna's beautiful friend would come with us because she had spent the night over at our house the night before. Since Julianna had to be at work by 6:15 am, she got up early and headed off to work before me and Angelise were even awake! When we both finally awoke, we were hungry. haha. So I sat up and, with the help of sweet Angelise, got off of my bed and made my way to my walker. We both walked to the elevator and I pushed the button to go down to the kitchen. For breakfast, we ate croissants - a favorite of ours. :) After breakfast, I went upstairs to the exercise room to do my daily exercises, while Angelise watched carefully. She's so funny. I have never had so many questions in my life. xD But after breakfast, and exercising and stuff like that, Angelise and I got to play some board and card games while we waited for Julianna to call, saying that she was done with work for the day. We assumed that she would be done with work by about 3:30 pm, so around 2:45 pm, we decided that it was time to get our of our pj's and get ready for our night out! :D So back upstairs we went (this time, I used the stairs because mum wants me to try and use them as much as I can so that I don't get weak). I picked out a cute shirt and colored skinny jeans (so that my leg braces could fit over them), and Angelise pulled a tank top and white shorts out of her suitcase. We looked fab. Then Angelise offered to put on my braces and shoes. I already felt like she had done enough for me already, so I didn't want her to have to do that! Not that I would have minded, but I just didn't want Angelise to feel like she had to do everything since Julianna wasn't there. Luckily, my mum came in, and she did it for me. THANK YOU MUM! :D teehee.{Readers, do you think I should let Angelise put my braces on next time? If you were in her place, how would you feel?} 

FINALLY, we were off! We still hadn't gotten a call from Julianna, but we just laughed and figured that she forgot. xD I hopped into my wheelchair and flew out the door with Angelise on my heels. Hopefully by now she knows that I like to go FAST in my wheelchair... ;) The little bakery that my sister works in is only walking distance from where we live, so we were there in less than 5 minutes. The first thing she said when she saw us is: "Goodness, darlings! What took you such a long time?!" Angelise and I burst out laughing! :D "Honey, you forgot to call us!" Angelise said through her laughter, "You're lucky we actually got here when we did!" xD And we all started laughing. haha. Julianna pushed my wheelchair and Angelise walked beside us. We were having a girls night out.

So...on to the photos. :)

Ok, so Julianna was "play teasing" me about liking this frog.
Well I think she's adorable. teehee.
And I bet Julianna secretly likes her, too. ;)

I would LOVE a skirt in this fabric!

If only I could wear these shoes. <3
I can't wear them because...
1. I would surely fall over.
If I can't keep my balance in tennis shoes,
these would surely be the death of me. xD haha.
2. My braces won't fit inside them. :(

This explains me and Julianna perfectly. <3

Colorful! I could wear that... :)

Oh how I wish my therapy could be this instead of what it is. :P
I'm pretending that these drinks are lemonade...
and orange juice...
and sparkling water.
NOT wine or beer. Ok? Ok.
I'm way to young to be drinking stuff like that.

Shoes...that I will never be able to wear. :(
Such beauties!

I loved this store. Just saying.

YUM! This is from Julianna's bakery.

Same with this...

...and these :)

This...is going on my future car. ;D

ahhhh! This is a crazy picture of me.
1. My hair isn't straightened. I didn't feel like doing it this morning. :P
2. I am wearing one too many hats.
Julianna put on the weird black hat thing, and then Angelise threw on
the huge pink one! It's not even situated on me correctly!
As you can probably tell...it's covering my face in the front. :P


This is a much better picture of me.
I'm sitting in my wheelchair... ;)
JUST KIDDING!!! Did any of you actually believe me?
This is just a model in France.
I would die if I looked this elegant.

I'd wear this dress!
Stack of hats. Thank goodness they aren't on my head. xD

This photo says it all.

After our girls night out, we all went home and had another sleepover. :D We brought Angelise to church with us the next day.

Oh! And here is a picture that Julianna just sent me.

This is the gorgeous Angelise. <3 I love her so much!
If you are wondering why there is not a picture of Julianna here, it's because the pictures of her are on her blog. :)
Check it out!
Je t'aime,


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