Friday, April 20, 2012


I am Marcelle Renee.
This is my new blog!
I am SUPER excited to start a blog. I have never done this before, so I hope people will like me and that this will be a great experience. :)
My sister has also decided to start a blog.
You can find Julianna Danielle right here!

I'm not going to make this post just another "About Moi" post, so if you would like to know about me before you start reading my blog, go right on up to that tab.
Before you know it, you will know so much about me that you'll feel like you've known me forever. ;) hehe.

Today I guess I will post SOME things about I said, not another "About Moi"...but just a preview, I guess. haha.

I am French! :)
I love all things floral.
I do not care much for writing letters.
I love to email, get emails, and find lots of emails in my inbox.
I am crazy for desserts. You will find that out as you get to know me and follow my blog... ;)
My favorite toenail / fingernail polish color would be either light pink or lavendar.
I hope you realized that I am counting in Français. haha.
I need assistance when I walk, so I either use my fab wheelchair, walker, crutches, (etc...) or a bestie's hand. xD teehee.
I love to make new friends. Guess that's a good thing because I'm always getting "friend requests". ;D
I love to curl my hair. <3
It's quite hilarious when I'm hanging with friends...just because things that they would never think twice about I'd have to plan ahead to make sure I could do it. xD
OH YES! I don't know if I have mentioned, but I am a Christian.
I believe that Jesus dies on the cross to save me from my sins.
I love my Saviour to PIECES!!!
And I am so thankful for all of His blessings in my life.
Without Him, I would be nothing. <3

aimer, aimer mes beautés!
(love, love my beauties!)

><> Marcelle Renee <><

PS. Do you like when I use French words in my posts? 
I can stop if it's annoying. I know most English on account of living in the States for a little while. :)
But that's another story... :) hehe.


  1. ok so this is so cool! i just found your blog from your sister's blog and i found your sister's blog from the official blog of elisha! elisha is one of my friends like we know each other in person :) hehe. so i just wanted to say hey and introduce myself and tell you that i am a new follower!! care to check out my blog?!


    1. hey lindsey!! that's awesome :D I'm so glad you found my blog! someday in the future, I hope to be one of those bloggers with LOTS of followers(; I will go check out your blog right now!

  2. Hello! I think it's cool that you are using French words in your posts!
    I love your blog! It's really cool! Feel free to comment on my blog anytime you want! :)
    I'm following your blog!

    1. Hey Katherine!! hehe good!(: I think it's quite fun. and I'm so glad you like my blog! I will definitely comment on your blog and read it often!<3 thanks for following!! :D

  3. I am following you both now! I will tell you what I told her... Welcome to the blog world :)

    1. hello sweetheart!<3 thank you so much! You have a spectacular blog, and I love your name, too! :)

  4. Replies
    1. thank you dearest!<3 I'm following you as well!

  5. Welcome to the world of blogging! I was also so excited when I started my blog! I love how you mix French and English together! French is such a beautiful language, and will enjoy reading your blog posts! :)

    1. ahhh you are such a jeune fille douce(sweet girl)! :) And I, too, am thrilled to be starting a blog!! when my mother allowed my sister, Julianna, and I to begin blogging, we were beaucoup extatique (very much ecstatic)! :D I am glad you like my mixing of French and English. xD I shall be doing it a lot. haha. :)

  6. Hey! I just found your blog! welcome to blogging!:) looking forward to more posts in the future! blogging is so much fun!
    have a lovely day!

    ~Kelsie @ Bella Ragazza

    1. hello dear kelsie! :) I am ravi (delighted) that you found my blog and enjoy it!! And I think blogging is fun already!

      ps. I'm following your blog!<3

  7. I am officially in love with your blog. And you seem like such a neat person! Count me as a follower. This computer hasn't been letting me follow peoples blogs. ugh. Haha.

    Okay, may I first say, YOU.LIVE.IN.PARIS. That just may be my DREAM place to visit, and I am more jealous than you could ever imagine. I read your about page, and I am just so excited to start reading your blog. I.JUST.CAN'T. GET. OVER. THIS. :)))))) LOVELY blog. :))))

    1. haha ma très grande bonté!! (my goodness gracious!) ;) I am thrilled that you are "officially in love" with my blog!! :D I will most definitely count you as a follower - I despise computer mess-ups, too :P
      teehee yes darling, I do reside in paris!! :) come on out and visit! ;) again, glad you like my blog<3 You know I am following yours. feel free to email me, lovey!

  8. Bonjour.
    Souhaitez-vous voter pour moi?
    Voici le blog de ​​lien
    Vous verrez mon nom sur le sondage, «Katherine».
    Si vous votez pour moi, je serai si heureux!
    Merci, mademoiselle Paris Chic!

    Post-scriptum J'aime ce traducteur cool!

    1. ahhh oui chérie je serai plus que ravi de voter pour vous! teehee. and for those of you who don't know french, I'm just telling her that I will be delighted to vote for her :)

    2. Merci! Thank you Marcelle Renee!

    3. Vous êtes les bienvenus Katherine! (You're welcome Katherine!)

  9. Magnifique! Immensely love the French, mon ami! It's so très élégant! I am definitely going to enjoy your blog! Keep it up and God bless!

    ~ Beth Grace

    1. Glad you like the french, my love! <3 I like it, too. *wink wink* following you as well!

  10. Love the french! x I can't speak straight, though some words are familiar and I'd love to learn how to speak someday. keep blogging and thanks for following me, followed you as well :D


    1. YAY! :) You should definitely learn to speak french someday. It's a beautiful language if I do say so myself. ;) teehee. Oh, you're welcome dear. Your blog is darling. :D

  11. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. (: your just soooo fun!! I just need a picture of your FACE, haahah.

    1. ahahaha oh dear... ;) it was sent.

    2. Hopefully, we can meeeeeeetttt. (: