Friday, July 13, 2012

A Guest Post by Kara

Have you ever thought that to be a good Christian you need to pray a certain way? Go to that certain church? Wear the "right" clothes?
Have you ever thought, "I am just not good enough to be a Christian!"
I think we all think that at times-we get so caught up in what others see and do we forget the true meaning of being Christians.
God doesn't look at our image-what we wear, how we pray, what we sing and do-he takes it to the heart. Where it really matters!
God does care about what we do in life-don't get me wrong-that doesn't mean we can do or say whatever we want but He strips down our image and sees the heart in the most wonderful way!!!
When your alone with God you have nothing to prove-you don't have to care about what others think.
That's why it's awesome to spend time alone with God-just you and Him.
A girl named Emily couldn't have worded it better-she said, "My 'status', or 'relationship' with God, isn't dependent on WHERE I go to church. It isn't based on HOW I choose to worship; whether I raise my hands, lie on the floor, or just stand with my eyes closed. In fact, these things have little value or importance in comparison to what Jesus sees. He strips down all the layers, he tears down the IMAGE, he looks beyond all that, and he sees my heart in its purest, most vulnerable form. My connection with Him is deepest in the quiet and intimate moments; when I'm alone in my bedroom and I have NOTHING TO PROVE and NO ONE to prove it to. That's when you know it's a GENUINE relationship. That is when your true character is revealed." 

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