Friday, July 6, 2012

~ Guest Post By Aaliyah! ~

Bounjor! To all followers of Miss Paris Chic! First, I will introduce myself, then, a few pictures, and such!

First off, I am a little farm girl, in the woods of Somerset, Kentucky.
I love my farm life,Although, I would love to be with Miss Marcelle, in Paris! I have 6 wonderful amazing siblings, 4 brothers, and 2 sisters. And I have 7 siblings in Heaven. We recently lost twins, a month ago, due to miscarriage. What a joy to know I will see them someday! :D I am currently 11 years old, and I love the Lord! I got saved when I was just 4 years old. I love crafting, and sewing, and photography, and reading, and volleyball, and lots of other things! I have two blogs,

{Growing In His Image} and Imperishable Beauty.

Here are some photography of mine,

I also enjoy music! I play the piano, and I sing.

If you do not follow "Miss Paris Chic" do it now! She has a great blog, and sometimes, shares about her life in Paris! I hope to go there someday so badly.. :(

Anyways! Sorry to leave you, but I have to retire, for the night! hehe!

                       With Love And Great Kindness

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  1. Oh wow Aaliyah!! :O your photography is truely awesome!! :O I found it interesting that you live in sommerset, I'm not to far from there and have a lot of friends in your neck of the woods! :) Hope your having a great day oh and did I tell you that I just LOVE!!!! your photography?? well if not I'm saying it now and if I already said it then that's just proof as to how spectacular your talent is! :D